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Exhibitions in Rome
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Exhibitions at Trajans' Market - Rome
Via IV Novembre, 94 Roma


Running exhibition from December 14th to Aprile 12th 2015
"Bruno Liberatore in dialogo ambientale con i Mercati di Traiano."

Exhibition of Art Contemporary by the sculptor Bruno Liberatore.

Running exhibition from September 24th 2014 to May 10th 2015
"Le chiavi di Roma. La città di Augusto."

Four cities belonging to the Roman Empire - Rome, Alessandria d’Egitto, Amsterdam, Sarajevo - created and wanted by Augusto celebrate his historical person 2000 years after his death.

Running exhibition from September 27th to November 30th 2014
"Park Eun Sun. Innesti e Connessioni."

Exhibition of contemporary art by Corean sculptor Park Eun Sun.

Running exhibition from April 2nd to July 27th 2014
"Cencelle la prima città d’Italia di fondazione papale."

Running exhibition from November 28th 2013 to January 12th 2014
"Konstantin. Costantin's edict 1700 years later."

Running exhibition from November 23rd 2013 to January 12th 2014
"Oreste Baldini. Mediterranean."

Running exhibition from November 7th to February 2nd 2014
"LelioSwing 50 anni di storia italiana."

Running exhibition from October 25h to november 3rd 2013
"Telling Traiano"

Running exhibition from March 21st to June 9th 2013
"Marcello Mondazzi. Fragments of the time"

Personal exhibition of contemporary art.

Running exhibition from January 18th to March 10th 2013
""Memory" by Antonio De Pietro"

Personal exhibition of contemporary art.

Running Exhibition from October 1st to January 31st 2013
"Fairs before fair. Exhibitions in Rome before the birth of Ente Fiera"

Running Exhibition from July 6th to September 2nd 2012
"Bianca Balti: a fable of fashion"

Running Exhibition from June 22nd to September 23rd 2012
"Ecology and Art. Sculpture by Rosa Gisladottir"

Running Exhibition from March 22nd to June 10th 2012
"Riflessioni dal cielo, meditazioni in terra: moderne Pitture Calligrafiche dal mondo arabo"

Running Exhibition from February 14th to March 11th 2012
"L'ultima carovana"

Running Exhibition from November 17th to February 5th 2012
"Il Vello d'Oro: ancient treasures from Georgia"

Running Exhibition from September 16th to October 13th 2011
"Meet Show. Design, an italian history. Italian design since 1948"

Running Exhibition from July 13th to September 25th 2011
"Calce viva. Romans great builders in Trajan's Markets"

Running Exhibition from May 26th to september 4th 2011
"Photographic dream by Franco Angeli 1967-1975"
Running Exhibition from December 16th 2010 to April 3rd 2011
"Ancient jewels from Romania. Before and after Trajan"

RUNNING EXHIBITION from October 5th to November 18th 2010
"OLTRE IL NIDO by Antonio Nocera"

RUNNING EXHIBITION from August 4th to November 14th 2010
"La Dolce Vita. 1950 - 1960. Stars and celebrities in the Italian Fifties"

RUNNING EXHIBITION from June 11th to september 26th 2010
"6 miliards of others"

RUNNING EXHIBITION from April 14th to July 25th 2010
"William Klein. Rome Pictures 1956-1960"
RUNNING EXHIBITION FROM Febrauray 25th to March 25th 2010
"Caravaggio. An impossible exhibition"
Running Exhibition from december 15th 2009 to February 14th 2010
"M'illumino d'impresa. Premio Franco D'Amico"

Running Exhibition from October 18th to December 31st 2008
"Museo dei Fori Imperiali"


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