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Exhibitions in Rome
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Exhibitions at National Gallery of Modern Art of Rome
via delle Belle Arti131 - Roma


Running exhibition from November 20th 2015 to April 3rd 2016
"Pablo Echaurren. Contropittura"

An exhibit tells the work by artist Pablo Echaurren from the beginnings until late experimentations: 200 works between painting, drawnings, collages.

Running exhibition from March 12th to June 7th 2015
"La scultura ceramica contemporanea in Italia"

60 artists to represent the italian contemporary sculture from the '50 of XX century to nowadays.

Running exhibition from October 31st 2014 to February 15th 2015
"L'Arte in Italia prima della Grande Guerra 1905 - 1915"

An exhibition dedicated to the last decade before the First World War; a period signed by strong artistic and ideological strenof modernity and avant guarde.

Running exhibition from October 11th 2014 to February 15th 2015
"Contemporanea Mente"

For the X Day of Contemporary an exhibition dedicated to six different expositions: paintings by Politi, a site specific installation by Pietro Ruffo, another one by Botto&Bruno, a sculpture by Chiara Dynis and one more by Pietro Fortuna, a bronze by Bizhan Bassiri.

Running exhibition from February 11th to May 30th 2014
"Attraverso Rodin. Scultura italiana del primo Novecento."

Running exhibition from october 8th 2013 to february 9th 2014
"Duchamp. Re-made in Italy."

Running exhibition from october 26th 2013 to January 16th 2014
"Giosetta Fioroni. L'argento."

Running exhibition from July 11th to November 2013
"Omaggio a Marcello Avenali 1912 - 1981."

Running exhibition from December 7th 2012 to January 20th 2013
"Dottori futurista. Six rediscovered works from Roman years."

Running exhibition from October 20th 2012 to January 27th 2013
"QUI contemporary art 1966-1977"

Running exhibition from October 6th 2012 to January 27th 2013
"Gino Marotta. Relazioni pericolose"

Running exhibition from July 17th to October 28th 2012
"100 SGUARDI SU ROMA dalla collezione d’Arte di BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas"

Running Exhibition from June 12th to September 9 th 2012
"Andy Warhol and the media"

Running Exhibition from June 12th to September 9th 2012
"Ennio Tamburi. Simple. Complex."

Running Exhibition from June 12th to September 9th 2012
"Big Nucleous of Modern Art 3"

Running Exhibition from December 7th 2011 to March 2012
"Poor Art"

Running Exhibition from June 24th to October 24th 2011
"Giacinto Cerone 1957 - 2004"

Running Exhibition from June 24th to October 23rd 2011
"Through G.N.A.M's collections: Big Nucleuses of Modern Art II"

Running Exhibition from February 24th to June 12th 2011
"Through the G.N.A.M Collections: Big Modern Art Nucleuses"

Running Exhibition from Febrauary 24th to June 12th 2011
"Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Edward Burne-Jones and the myth of Italy in the Victorian England"

RUNNING EXHIBITION from November 4th 2010 to February 13th 2011
"CoBrA and Italy"

RUNNING EXHIBITION from May 15th to January 7th 2011
"Tagli d'artista: an history long a century"

RUNNING EXHIBITION from March 18th to May 16th 2010
"Fausto Pirandello at the Quadriennali in 1935 and 1939"

Running Exhibition from February 19th to May 16th 2010
"Donna. Avanguarde femminista in '70 from the Sammlung Verbund of Vienna"

RUNNING EXHIBITION from March 11th to May 2nd
"Through the collection II, painting sculpture - sculpture painting"

Running Exhibition from June 26th to January 17th 2010
"Palma Bucarelli. Museum as avant-garde"

Running Exhibition from March 5th to May 24th 2009
"Cy Twombly"

Running Exhibition from December 4th to January 25th 2009
"Piero Guccione"

Running Exhibition from November 20th to January 11th 2009
"De Chirico e il Museo"

Running Exhibition from June 11th to September 28th 2008
"Mario Schifano"

Running Exhibition till January 6th 2008
"Emilio Vedova. 1919 - 2006"

A major chronological retrospective dedicated to the highly original Venetian artist, Emilio Vedova. The exhibition opens with the drawings that mark Vedova's beginnings - back in the 1930s - and continues with his first forays into the world of painting, inspired by the works of Tintoretto, Rembrandt, and baroque and expressionist artists. The later creations (dating from the 1950s) were born out of a more mature artistry; this is when the geometric element of his work came to light. The "Plurimi" series, that expressed a consciousness of the drama of daily existence, are also very famous, as are the colourful works dating from the 80s, the "Dischi" and "Bozzetti". Emilio Vedova: works of art that speak of the love for art.

Running Exhibition till September 16th 2007
"Symbolism. From Moreau to Gauguin to Klimt"

Running Exhibition till September 16th 2007
"Goffredo Parise and the artists"

Running Exhibition till May 13th 2007
"Arturo Martini"

"You can think through clay. It's a fact of love throughout our world". So said Arturo Martini, a revolutionary artist who lived between the 18th and 19th centuries and was an avid consumer of art and culture. This great innovator reinvented the canons of plastic construction and gleaned his inspiration from classic art to then develop a very personal form of expression. This show at Rome's museum of modern art (the GNAM) brings together a refined selection of about a hundred of his masterpieces.



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