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Exhibitions in Rome
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Exhibitions at Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome
Lungotevere di Castello, Roma


Running exhibition from May 26th to November 29th 2015
"Lo Stato dell'Arte: l'Arte dello Stato: le acquisizioni del Ministero dei beni e delle attività culturali e del turismo.
Colmare le lacune - Ricucire la storia."

At Castel Sant'Angelo an exhibit shows the activity of the State to recover arts works.

Running exhibition from February 3rd to May 3rd 2015
"Lorenzo Lotto e i tesori artistici di Loreto"

In february opens at Castel Sant'Angelo an exhibition dedicated to one of the painter more intense of the Renaissance; here some paintings by Lotto within some works coming from the Museo-Antico Tesoro in Loreto.

Running Exhibition from April 19th to September 11th 2011
"Art Strenght of Unity - Unity Strenght of Art"

Running Exhibition from march 23rd to June 12th 2011
"Guercino refound. When Love stops War"

RUNNING EXHIBITION from March 10th to April 18th 2010
"L'Ispirazione Artistica dalla Terra d'Orfeo - TEXTILE DESIGN"

Running Events from July 1st to August 23rd 2009
"Animated Nights on Castel Sant'Angelo's Terrace"

Running Exhibition till July 5th 2009
"Arte in Dinastia. 1895-2008"

Running Exhibition from March 5th to May 3rd 2009
"1760-1960. Il Disegno. Breve viaggio da Fragonard a Beuys"

Running Exhibition from November 19th February 22nd 2009
"Loghi d'Italia, storie dell'arte di eccellere"

Running Exhibition from November 21st to January 25th 2009
"Loghi d'Italia, storie dell'arte di eccellere"
Lungotevere di Castello, ROMA

Running Exhibition from June 28th to October 28th
"The Egypt in Rome from history to myth"
Lungotevere di Castello, ROMA

Running Exhibition till April 20th 2008
"Baltic - Mediterranean without Borders. Art, peoples, confrontation between the generations"
Lungotevere di Castello, ROMA

This exhibition – curated by Sergio Rossi – makes of cultural analysis and comparison its raison d’être and focuses on the artistic landscapes of Italy and Finland, expanding its horizons also towards Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia. Cultural research – freed from the old perspective that sets rich countries up against poor ones – wants to trace the cultural differences and similarities between the Mediterranean and Baltic areas. Vilmantas Marcinkevicius, Renato Guttuso, Tatiana Ferahian, Bruno Canova and Ray Barkus are all featured in this exhibition. The four sections of the exhibition include one dedicated to photography and another to visual art.

Running Exhibition till February 3rd 2008
"The Path of the Sacred"
Lungotevere di Castello, ROMA

A month ago the Museo Diocesano was inaugurated in Arezzo and to mark the occasion this itinerary has been presented to the public. The new museum has lent a selection of decorative items made by master jewellers over the ages to adorn Arezzo's monumental churches to the Castel Sant'Angelo museum (the fifth most popular museum in Italy). Curated by Paolo Torriti and Daniela Galoppi, the exhibition aims to highlight the close relationship between artistic beauty and spirituality.


Running Exhibition till August 26th 2007
"Roman Gold"
Lungotevere di Castello, ROMA

Running Exhibition till September 23rd 2007
"The triumph of idiocy. The prejudice, folly and banality of European existence"
Lungotevere di Castello, ROMA

Running Exhibition till April 10th 2007
"(Italy and Finland face to face) "
Lungotevere di Castello, ROMA

This exhibition brings to light the reciprocally inspirational cultural and artistic relationship between Italy and Finalnd. The exhibition is divided into two sections: the Italy section focuses on Italian artistic output in the 20th century and in particular on the period after World War II; the Finnish section is centred on the works of artists who have influenced Italian artistic creation, or who showed a particular interest in Italian art and artists. This exhibition of paintings, sculptures and design displays the artistic interaction between two geographically distant cultures.


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