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Exhibitions in Rome
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Aranciera by Caffi (1831)

Viale Fiorello La Guardia - Roma


Running exhibitions from July 7th to September 4th 2016
"Franco Giuli. Opere dal 2008 al 2016"

Personal exhibition by the contemporary artist Franco Giuli, cured by Bruno Corà. The exhibition focused on the last production in which Giuli specifically has produced works with cardboard boxes, cut and reassembled to create new relations of three dimensional space.

Running exhibition from October 29th 2015 to January 17th 2016
"Urbs Picta - come cambia la città"

Street art of Rome in the photos by Mimmo Frassineti.

Running exhibition from October 29th to December 6th 2015
"Speculum: la materia e il suo doppio"

Personal contemporary art exhibition by the artist Marco Angelini.

Running exhibition from February 8th to April 12th 2015
"Claudio Palmieri, Natural-mente. Opere dal 1985 al 2015"

The concept of Nature in Palmieri has always been present since the beginnings; here some pictures, sculptures and paintings to tell his 30 years of art.

Running exhibition from July 4ht to November 2nd 2014
"Dreamings. L’Arte Aborigena Australiana incontra de Chirico"
Running exhibition from February 21st to June 1st 2014
"Mafai-Kounellis - La libertà del pittore"

Running exhibition from December 22nd 2013 to January 26th 2014
"Figure del Desiderio"

Exhibition by Sonia Ros and Katja Kotikoski.

Running exhibition from September 24th to October 27th 2013
"Günther Förg a Roma, città moderna."
Running exhibition from May 24th to October 27th 2013
"Justin Peyser"
Running exhibition from July 17th to October 6th 2013
"Innocenzo Odescalchi. Before geographs. Installation and painting"

Running exhibition from June 14th to September 8th 2013
"Franco Mulas. S-paesaggi. Opere dal 1980 al 2013"
Contemporary Art

Running exhibition from May 24th to September 8th 2013
"Justin Peyser"
Contenporary Art
Running exhibition from March 29th to June 2nd 2013
"White & White in the dialogue between Corea and Italy"
Running exhibition from October 11th 2012 to January 6th 2013
"Afro. from the project to the work. 1951-1975"
Contemporary Art

Running Exhibition from January 21st to March 8th 2012
"Santo Tomaino. Epic painting"
Contemporary Art

Running Exhibition from February 1st to March 8th 2012
"Stefano Cioffi. Stillwaiting"
Contemporary Art

Running Exhibition from March 14th to May 6th 2012
"Omar Galliani"
Contemporary Art

Running Exhibition from May 24th to July 8th 2012
"La luce oscura della materia-Opere di Roberto Almagno e Sandro Sanna"
Contemporary Art

Running Exhibition from July 19th to October 7th 2012
"Prove di scrittura"
Contemporary Art
Running Exhibition from October 5h 2011 to January 8th 2012
"Milton Gendel: surreal life. Photographs and works between New York, Shanghai and Rome"

Running Exhibition from June 24th to September 18th 2011
"Forattini. Viva l'itaglia"

Running Exhibition from May 15th to June 15th 2011
"Riccardo Caporossi/Alfredo Pirri. Hic Iacet Corpus"

Running Exhibition from March 11th to May 8th 2011
"Alessandra Giovannoni. In cammino"

Running Exhibition from december 1st 2010 to February 27th 2011
"Carla Accardi. Space, rhythm and colour"

RUNNING EXHIBITION from June 10th to November 21st 2010
"Filippo Marignoli. Vertigo"

Running Concert from June 10th to Juyl 29th 2010
"Art Aperitif Jazz and Philip Guston"

Running Exhibition from June 10th to September 5th 2010
"Art Aperitif Jazz and Philip Guston"

Running Exhibition from March 10th to May 9th 2010
"Venice and the century of the Biennale"

Running Exhibition from october 28th 2009 to February 14th 2010
"Jan Fabre. Le temps emprunté"

Running Exhibition from June 26th to October 4th 2009
"Speculazioni d'artista. Quattro generazioni allo specchio"
Running Exhibition till April 14th 2009
"La magia della linea. 110 disegni di De Chirico"


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